2012-Present   Mevlevi Turning, The Study Society, London

2008-2009       MA in Performance with distinction, Goldsmiths, London

2006-2007       Stage Arts, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London

2000-2004       Bachelor of Fine Arts, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec



2015  American Legation Museum, Tanger, Morocco

2014  Troy Town Pottery, Open School East, London

2014  Jersey Arts Trust, Jersey, Channel Islands

2012  Worlds in Transit (Super/Collider), Floda 31, Umea, Sweden

2011  Chisenhale Dance Space, London

2010  Swedenborg Society, London


Selected works

2017    FOR HER, CCASM Contemporary, Sommerville House, Jersey, Channel Isles

2017    FROM THIS WORLD TO THAT WHICH IS TO COME with Fritz Stolberg  Rio Cinema, London

2017    DANCE OF DAYS  Programme, Apiary Studios, London

2016    SILENT PROTEST  Film in progress, Medicine Hat, Alberta and Browing, Montana

2016    THE INTERPRETER with Noriko Okaku   Tom's Etching Studio, London

2016    A COVERING  Shacklewell Arms, London

2016    FROM THIS WORLD TO THAT WHICH IS TO COME  International Festival of Projections, University of Kent, UK

2016    FEAST  Saint Leonard's Church, London

2015    Nominated for the 2015 Paul Hamlyn Artist Award

2015   FROM THIS WORLD TO THAT WHICH IS TO COME   Station to Station, Barbican Gallery, London

2015   THIS IS THE HUNT   St. Leonard’s Church, London

2015    A COVERING   St. Leonard’s Church, London

2015    DUET with Ebe Oke   St. Leonard's Church, London

2015    AN ANIMAL MORNING   The Medina, Tanger, Morocco

2015   THERE ARE EYES ABOVE with Josephine Foster  The American Legation Museum, Tanger, Morocco

2015    ENSEMBLE wiith Josephine Foster    ALIF Riad, Fez, Morocco

2015    PURGE  Power Station of Art, Shanghai and twenty institutions in the Netherlands (curated by J&K)

2014    SHADOWS with Group A   Kata Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo

2014    DANCERBATION   Shoreditch Town Hall, London

2014    PANT II   Unconscious Archives, Apiary Studios, London


2013    THE FAMILIAR EARTH  Colony, Anarch Gallery, London

2013    RELATIONS OF FIRE   Lower Hewood Farm, Dorset, London

2013    EAT THE FLESH OF THE HEAD IN THE OPEN COUNTRY  The Oracle, The Wand, Berlin

2013    BLOOD GROWS COLD with Ebe Oke   The Kitchen, New York, NY

2013    VENUS TRANSIT SUN  The Wayward Gallery, London

2013    AMANNAZOTHA   The October Gallery, London


2013    PANT   The Rose Lipman Building, London

2013    ON THE LEY   Boudicca's Mound (Hampstead Heath), The Queen's House (Greenwich) and Caesar's Well (Wimbledon Common), London

2012    GOLDEN OPULENCE SERENDIPITY SUNDAY  Red Space Gallery, Clerkenwell, London

2012    RABBIT HEAD   Arts and Mental Health Festival, Cafe Oto, London

2012    SOUND with Ebe Oke   Punkt Festival, Kristiansand, Norway

2012    A WELCOMING   Floda 31, Umea, Sweden

2012    NELADORACT    Cul De Sac Gallery, London

2012    ONE   Saint Barnabas Church, London

2012    TWISTING AT THE END OF A STORY with Hilary Koob Sassen  Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge

2012    5 AGGREGATES OF MOTION with Fritz Stolberg  Siobahn Davies Studio, London


2011    THE FIFTEEN EYES OF AXOMAMMA [I Shall Become A Perfect Dead Woman]  Jersey Opera House, Jersey, Channel Isles

2011    THE POLYOPIA OF PURPLE: A Radio Play with Makoto Kawabata  NTS RADIO, London

2011    IN THE WAKE OF THE NIGHTSHADE   Camden Arts Centre, London

2011    THE 2nd ACTION OF ANTI/FORM   Palace of Arts/Mucsarnok/Kunsthalle Budapest, Hungary

2011    FISH PLAY  Projections, Modtar Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark

2010    RITE OF AUGURY  Swedenborg Society, London

2010    THE TRIUMPH OF UGLINESS with ACTUALLY   Vogue Fabrics, London

2009    YU   The Marc Blanco Theatre, London

2009    SEAHORSE SOUP   Shunt, London

2009    THE LAND OF SUGAR CAKE with Eniko Buday  Jamboree, London

2009    THE NATIVITY OF THE SUN'S WALKING STICK with Fritz Stolberg   Grand Union Canal, London

2009    THE COMEDY OF UNHAPPINESS   Monotsropati Festival, Budapest, Hungary

2007    A READING with Adrian Mitchell and Michael Horovitz   The Art Workers' Guild, London

2006    OPEN AIR PERFORMANCES  Yamanashi and Saitama, Japan

2004    BIRTH OF THE TREE  Galerie Leonard & Bina Ellen, Montreal, Quebec



2017  The Origin Story: Choreography and Virtual Reality, Architectural Association, School of Architecture, London

2017  States of Being, Volte Gallery, Mumbai, India

2017  Dance, drawing and plant study with an orphanage in Vrindavan, India

2017  Zero Point Somantics with Bonnie Camplin and Michele Occelli, Camden Arts Centre, London

2017  Blue Deer Festival with the Wixaritari, Essex, UK

2017  Move, London College of Fashion, UK

2016  States of Being, Saint Leonard's Church and Apiary Studios, London

2016  Taste Movement, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

2015  Blue Deer Festival with the Wixaritari, Essex, UK

2015  Dance. Sound intervention by Josephine Foster and Gyda Valtysdottir, American Language Centre, Fes, Morocco

2015  Dance. Sound intervention by Victor Herrero, American Legation Museum, Tanger, Morocco

2014  Masterclass: Dance, Camden Arts Centre, London

2014  States of Being, Lower Hewood Farm, Dorset, UK

2014  Clay Day, Open School East, London,

2011-2012  Dance. Royal College of Art, London

Choreography and Performance for film

2015   UR Feeling. Directed by Simon Martin. In association with FLAMIN: Film London Productions

2013   The Chimera of M. Directed by Sebastian Buekner. In association with FLAMIN: Film London Productions

2012    Of This, Men Shall Know Nothing! Directed by Fritz Stolberg. Animate Projects Award for Best Experimental Film, London Short Film Festival

2011    Transcalar Investment Vehicles. Directed by Hilary Koob-Sassen. In association with FLAMIN: Film London Productions and IDA Project