DEN with Tenko No Seishin
Regents Place, London

Soundscape by Delfina Muñoz de Toro

Performance of Tenko no Seishin with Isabella Nefar and Zainab Jah

Olfactory portraits in collaboration with Aurora Irvine

Compost recipes in collaboration with Hari Byles

Curated by Gabriella Sonabend and Aindrea Emelife.

The installation, DEN, reveals perceptions of Ma (the open space-time, primordial land and Mother divine) while cultivating a twilight language of orbicular matter, sacred sounds and an environment for dance transmission.  

Unaltered materials, hand crafted power objects and transformed necrotic substances form as restorative offerings to the earth. Moving between a multiplicity of worlds (architecture, ceramics, dance, glass, scent, soil sanitation and song), the essential characteristics of material are stripped down and represented in alchemical form.  All techniques deployed are in accordance with nature, integrating the interior and exterior, while mirroring the structure of a chashitsu/Japanese tea room.  

The artist creates objects as a means to apply acupuncture onto the urban landscape, such as 108 aggregates composed with strategies of soil renewal that will eventually extend themselves, post exhibition, to specific landscapes.

This installation invites collaborators (animal, human, microbe and plant) to participate in an eco-ritual where cycles of generation-degeneration-regeneration take shape and unfurls.  

It is a space for meditation. It is a space for questioning. It is a space to dance with dark earths. Opening a portal to resourceful ritual; an affinity between all elements and organisms are magnified for the kindling of soil, our senses and a collective stewardship.