We Praise

If we could nucleate time

If we could turn it into stone

We would take the dark hours and call it into sexagonal sublimity

A skeletal formula

Six colours of creation

Six syllables without reality

A speculum caressing all sides, edges and joints

In the world we hear all things it embraces

At night, the bright Sun

In the void, miraculous power and angelic activity


We speak of the three worlds

Past: top of the heart

Present: top of the fist

Future: back of the brain

We mediate on their encounter

A muscular love

Those who we fuck with

We praise

Those whose hands caress the surface of Earth and whose nature is of the seed

Those who have eyes like instantaneous lightning

Discharge from the open sky

Those whose blood when drawn is sigiled in triangulation

An expression of creator, maintainer and destroyer

Those who have the body of a thousand full moons of Autumn

Laid one upon the another

Those who shine intensely with the diffused light of a multitude of thousands of stars

Those whose hands are adorned by alloys, birthed from zero, the first lifetime of being dipped into water

Those who are the embodiment of the field of activity of giving

The difficult, the peace, the patience

Those who fill desire, direction and space with the HUM

Those who have the power to slice spheres with palms and motion all without exception

Those who make offerings and with legs, the right indrawn and the left extended, breath with whirling fire

Those whose metabolic visions stretch and extend

Webs from eyes

Those who turn in their own burnishings

Adorning the wheel of all directions with feet of atom and ash

Those who have the power to summon the spirits, the Protectors of the Seven Worlds

Craters emitting song

Those who can sing them home

Those who sound of invisible streams

Those who are harmonious with the mighty hush of death

Those who are made of sugar-cane

Those who shoulder time time, crush time, slow time and are no-time

Those who break the corpse’s seat at dusk

Those whom everything originates in, whom everything inheres and by whom everything with be dissolved.

Destruction in the mud of existence

We praise.