Camden Arts Centre

FOR OUR SPIRITS ignites an installation with practices that seed encoded ancestral rituals into the living mediums of ceramics, glass, textiles, steel, wood, moving image, olfactories, sound and dance.

Altared in receptivity to calls of rage, growth and solidarity, Nishikawa intuits ceremonial artworks and movements to form a space honoring co-creation as retrieval and exploration.  

The collection of works are not representative of the archetypal Shinto Kami; they are the Kami (divine realization as earth reality). The spirits interpreted anew.

They are to be beheld, felt and moved with.

They are of the living and also, the dead.

And this requires a fire in the dark; a circle around the flame; mandalas and wood for burning to shield against the miasma; a movement that embodies the collective, dancing with their solar information.

Infused with found, raw and handcrafted materials to sculpt with the element of fire, Nishikawa’s process weds the somatic and spiritual bodies as a locus for the transformation of crisis.

Sonic smoke composed in a triangulation of cymbal and gong tonalities by Austin Williamson.