From This World To That Which Is To Come
In collaboration with Fritz Stolberg

A feature length film co-directed and produced by Fritz Stolberg and Nissa Nishikawa. Commissioned by the Jersey Arts Trust in result of a community orientated artist residency on the island of Jersey.

The many stages of making this work, from writing through to the final edit, followed an intuitive process using divination systems to generate the structure and content of the narrative. Minimising the impact of their roles as authors, the directors decided on an approach of opening up to unforeseen processes to become instrumental in the creation of this work. Superimposing energy-map drawings of the human body onto the landscape of the film's location an animistic experience was evoked, observing the natural elements in their communication throughout the realms of mineral, plant, animal and human. The research for the film is rooted in the folklore of Jersey while highlighting Nature's voice and the position of human amidst.

Photographed by Raquel Fernandez Nuñez on Super-16mm, the final piece involves many members of the island community in front and behind the camera alongside a group of international friends such as musician/painter Josephine Foster and Bo Ningen percussionist Akihide Monna as the feminine and masculine aspect of the Oracle. The images are carried and complemented by Kohhei Matsuda's pillaring soundscapes.